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Somos Todos Unos: Prison Writing from Ramsey

Dear Friends:
The health of Ramsey Muniz has improved! On Thursday
he again underwent a procedure called an ERCP. The
doctor removed two stents that were previously placed
in him and inserted another larger one. Again we
thank everyone for the spiritual support given during
our difficult tests of faith, hope, and the power of God.

Enclosed is the latest essay by Ramsey Muniz, entitled
"Somos Todos Unos." He wrote these sentiments in great pain
(prior to having surgery). How strange that while compiling
his writings I glance at a September 9, 2005 article in the
Kansas City Star which states, "A Mexican army convoy
of nearly 200 people crossed the border into the
United States on Thursday to bring aid to hurricane
victims. It was the first Mexican military unit
to operate on U.S. soil since 1846. The unarmed soldiers,
physicians, nurses and dentists aboard the convoy wore
green uniforms with yellow armbands that said ‘Humanitarian
Aid’ in Spanish.’" This is the essence of who we are,
who we always have been, and always will be.

Irma Muniz

Somos Todos Unos
11:05 PM

"The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, signed in 1848, is one through which
the United States of America annexed and seized by force Texas,
Arizona, New Mexico, part of Oklahoma, Colorado, part of Kansas, Utah,
Nevada, and California. The terms of this treaty were "among the
harshest imposed by a winner upon a loser in the history of the world."
Abe Lincoln named this entire episode for what it really was – armed
robbery. And now you tell me, Mexicanos of the 21st century and of our
Sixth Sun, who are the illegal aliens. It is written in our ancient
Mexicano past that the day would come upon us once more to rediscover,
and to reclaim that which was ours from the beginning of our creation
as Mexicanos – not only in our Holy Land (Mexico), but the entire
border which incorporates all of Aztlan."

Hermanos y hermanas of the 21st century, remember our revolutionary
brother and proud soldier of Mexi (me-shee) – Emiliano Zapata. He once
stated unto us, "The revolution has not yet triumphed. In your hands
still is the will and the power to save it. But if unfortunately you do
not, then the shades of Cuauhtemoc, Tlacaelel, Nezahualcoyotl, Hidalgo,
Juarez, and our heroes of all time will stir in their graves to ask,
‘What have you done with the blood of your people?" We must understand
that our Mexicano/Mexicana revolutionaries were visionaries!

"From the heart of the earth Mexicanos feel their resistance and
persistence rise up in him, like the maize that is proud, turning its
green leaves outward. Be proud like the maize and let your ancient
roots go deep, deep, for the rains are here and it is time for us to be
growing in Aztlan."


It is time for all Mexicanos y Mexicanas that presently live in the
United States of America to rise in protest against racist, oppressive,
and inhumane actions and ill intentions against our Mexicano sisters
and brothers who are only fulfilling our ancient legacy and history by
crossing our rivers into Aztlan (the entire Southwest). The entire
world, different religions, and organizations are aware of the
atrocities against nuestra gente. Our so-called Mexicano/Hispano/Latino
Chicano political leaders must be vocal where our cries for justice can
be heard all the way to our holy temples and our Holy Land of Mexico!
One life, one child, one mother is too much to take away from us and
claim that it was the heat or the currents of our rivers. The world,
the humane community has to become aware of the conclusion that we as a
people, as a race, and as a nation within all nations will no longer
tolerate the increasing deaths of our sisters and brothers at the

"Does history repeat itself? Or are its repetitions only penance for
those who are incapable of listening to it? No history is mute. No
matter how much they burn it, break it, and lie about it, history
refuses to shut its mouth. Despite deafness and ignorance, the time
that was continues to tick inside the time that is. When it is truly
alive, memory doesn’t contemplate history. It invites us to make it.
More than in museums where its pour soul gets bored, memory is in the
air we breathe, and from the air it breathes us."

–Galeano, Eduardo H. Upside Down. p. 210.

We cannot continue to deny who we are in this world. We must return
to our roots and our spiritual history. The oppressor has known from
the beginning that we are like the seed of the maize which grows from
the deep of our Mother Earth. The oppressor was not aware of the fact
that we are Mexikan — Mexi (God) and Kan (chosen people), or God’s
chosen people. And if some doubt my words which come from the darkness
of a racist/oppressive history against mankind, look around you. We
became the majority minority in the entire United States of America.
Most importantly, we became the majority in the land that has risen
(Aztlan) in the Southwest of America. Please advise racist
organizations and vigilante groups that it is really too late, because
history is on our side!

Why must we tolerate national policies and specific legislation
that applies only to our sisters and brothers from our Holy Land? We
cannot continue to wait for the conscience of our Democratic and
Republican Hispanic elected officials to dismiss the atrocities
committed against nuestra gente. We cannot afford to stage in a realm
of illusions. Therefore, we the grass roots, los barrios, our
communities, our schools in the barrios, Mexicano political prisoners,
la gente del pueblo, will take the forthcoming issue of humanity and
life into the entire free border within all Aztlan (Southwest of

This is a very spiritual issue stemming from our past cultura into
this night. We come from a past of strength, power, compassion, honor,
dignity, harmony, and liberation. How do you know that the last
Mexicana who died in the desert of Arizona was not your half sister?
Somos todos uno! It saddens me to watch the reality of America when it
presents some of our own Mexicanos/Mexicanas speaking against the most
modern day spiritual journey from our Holy Land, crossing the borders.
We must find it in our hearts to forgive them and remember the biblical
message in the New Testament, "Forgive them for they do not know what
they do."

What can we say? Our cosmic ancient future has already been
determined, and decreed in the heaves, and we, the Mexicanos of our
Sixth Sun, will behold, sacrifice, suffer, and bring about a great
mystery which must come to pass in Aztlan."


"These people who watch us walk through the streets of the
town are a defeated race. Their stares are tame, almost fearful, and
completely indifferent to the outside world. Some give the impression
that they go on living only because it’s a habit they cannot shake."

–Jose Marti

The most important issue within the masses of our people
(over fifty million) is the protection, safety, and livelihood
for our children, mothers, and families. The oppressor, the
violator of human rights, must be put on notice that we, los
Mexicanos of the 21st century and our Sixth Sun will no longer
permit for our government to assist minutemen and other
vigilante groups in tracking down our people, as if we
were some type of animal crossing the rivers that call
upon our raza to join us here in the Southwest (Aztlan). I
have had visions and dreams of what is to happen to us as a
race, and lately the message of us all uniting as one continues
to be part of my present Mexicano political life. "While
Europe was passing through its dark ages, Americans (Mexikas)
were flowering in superb cultures. The Golden Age of Mexico
is known as the Clas

sic Period. It reached from about
150 B.C. to A.D. 800 or 900…"

–Peterson, F. Ancient Mexico.

In exile,

By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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