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Note: the following information was posted as “Site Info” at the html version of the Texas Civil Rights Review.

Site Notes

Therefore if, within the confines of its present culture, the nation ever seeks to purge itself of its color hate, it will find itself at war with itself, convulsed by a spasm of emotional and moral confusion. If the nation ever finds itself examining its real relation to the Negro, it will find itself doing infinitely more than that, for the anti-Negro attitude of whites represents but a tiny part-though a symbolically significant one-of the moral attitude of the nation.

–Richard Wright

A few elements in this site were first posted as a public service on August 5, 1997, while a team of civil rights investigators from the U.S. Department of Education conducted a week-long visit to the Texas A&M University campus at College Station. Education Dept. spokesperson Rodger Murphey says the campus visit was the first of many to be conducted in a major investigation of Texas higher education.

In Nov. of 1997, another powerful Texas A&M institution was confronted with charges of institutionalized racism. Seven County Agents with the Texas Agricultural Extension Service alleged systematic discrimination in hiring,promotion, salary, and service to black youth. By the summer of 1998, a full scale investigation was begun by Civil Rights investigators from USDA.

Mainstream news sources have been peculiarly quiet about all this.

The Texas Civil Rights Review documents the neglected issues of institutionalized racism, especially in higher education and cooperative extension, affecting public access to knowledge and land in Texas.

The author, an experienced journalist and academic, has accumulated a fairly large collection of related documents, some of them obtained through Open Records requests.

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