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YCT Students Protest Diversity Hire at A&M

The Texas A&M Chapter of the Young Conservatives of Texas held an affirmative action bake sale, “to protest the creation of a new position addressing diversity at Texas A&M University,” reports a conservative news website, (see link info below).

The report says a similar initiative by YCT’s at Southern Methodist University was “shut down” by the administration….

A&M YCT student Rebecca Falkowski is quoted as follows: “During our pledge drive, we will be seeking out ‘non-underrepresented-minority’ students and faculty supportive of affirmative action who wish to express, in writing, their willingness to give up their spot at Texas A&M to be replaced by a member of a racial class who would be more valued by the vice president of diversity,” Falkowski said.

But I wonder if Falkowski realizes that women are considered a protected class under affirmative action practices?

Again, according to the report, students seemed to be alleging that an incoming vice president of diversity would be supporting “discrimination” (via affirmative action?) and opposing conservative principles.

The report may be found at the following link:

Follow up

Battalion: Bake Sale Irritates Administration

December 31, 2003

The A&M chapter of the Young Conservatives of Texas’ recent affirmative action bake sale has created a mass of heated correspondence between the organization and school officials about diversity.


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