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TCRR Adopts phpNuke format in Dec. 2003

Here is the archived welcome message for the phpNuke website that was launched in response to Texas A&M’s abrogation of affirmative action in admissions.

Welcome. This portal responds to the immediate Civil Rights challenge posed by Texas A&M’s decision to suspend affirmative action in admissions.

Please feel free to add your comments to the stories below. No registration required for that. Registration to post other forms of content, including “Forum” messages, is free, quick, and secure.

Come back to browse updates, or register your email address for occasional bulletins.

Note: The Texas Civil Rights Review began collecting links and resources about institutionalized racism during a 1997 federal review of civil rights in state higher education programs.

The team determined that vestiges of segregation still existed. This places Texas in a special category of civil rights responsibility.

See essential materials on the history of civil rights in Texas higher education at “Sections” (from the menu to your upper left).

Thanks for your interest.
Greg Moses
Site Editor

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