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Profecia by Ramsey Muniz

Hermanos y Hermanas Mexicanos de Aztlan:

"The Mexikans (Mexicanos) lived the great philosophical themes with a keenness which no other civilization in the ancient world ever did. For them life was only a brief passage and nothingness ruled the world. But for the Mexikas, (me-shee-kas) those themes were not just philosophical ideas; they were a religion (spirituality), which gave meaning to every moment of their existence. Completely at the mercy of the gods, mortal men lived in somber devotion with a view to the supreme moment when they would once again be joined with their ancestors, in the timeless beyond."
–The Mexican Dream

My sisters and brothers, we are presently building a strong Nahualtan attitude in Aztlan and soon we will join nuestra raza in the Holy Land (Mexico). We must remember that our Nahualtan attitude and love in our hearts are the temple and mastermind. The Nahualtan mastermind has always been a harmonious alliance of nuestra raza in Aztlan and the Holy Land. Mexikan thought, culture and spirituality depend on this alliance.

The presence of our sisters and brothers in the Holy Land means a lot to me in terms of sharing our culture and spirituality. We must fashion our Mexicano spirituality with nuestra raza, or it will come to nothingness.

There are strong and determined Nahualtan men behind the walls and dungeons. This makes my life and work behind the wire worthwhile. In this development of our Sixth Sun cultural/spiritual movement we must become aware of Hispanic/Latino Pharisees, for they are ex-natives who will work against Aztlan consciousness.

"Every "la raza" political leader must be the representative of our cultural/spiritual enlightenment or "la raza" leadership is of no value."

There are many here in Aztlan preparing to carry out "La Profecia" de nuestra gente, as written in the Christian New Testament in the Book of John, which states, "The truth shall set you free." We have truth, destiny, faith, and love on our side and even from the dungeons of this oppressor I have witnessed the visions of the liberation of Aztlan. I have witnessed the reunion of our people in Aztlan with our raza from our Holy Land (Mexico).

I have witnessed our finally becoming one as we were from the beginning of our creation – Mexicanos/Mexicanas. We were no longer Chicanos, Hispanics or Latinos. We all finally became one and at the same time became one of the most intelligent races on this earth. We were now one! Somos todos uno! No longer were we divided by the oppressor in believing that we are different here, in Aztlan, and from our Holy Land of Mexico.

The time has come for us to embrace each other as one. We can no longer deny our ancient spiritual/cultural Mexika history. We cannot continue to deny the truth of our lives. Who are we? Why has it taken so long to accept the truth of ourselves? We can never be free nor will the liberation of Aztlan be a reality until we accept our existence on this world of ours.

In short, I proudly share the words of our last Mexicano Emperor, Cuauhtemoc, as he spoke to our ancestors knowing that at the end he would die at the hands of the oppressor.

"Fathers and mothers, do not forget to teach their children how it has been until now; this our beloved Anahuac — the defense and protection of our destiny and also our conduct that our ancestors received and our fathers enthusiastically planted into our being.

Now we mandate our children also not forget to transmit to their children how it will be, how we will reunite, how we will rise again, how we will reach out, and how we will fulfill the great destiny of our race."


"I have been sentenced to death imprisonment. May my Mexika blood be the seed for the Mexicano spiritual liberation of the rising of our Sixth Sun in Aztlan."

R. Muniz – Tezcatlipoca

[via email from Irma L. Muniz, Dec. 5, 2005–gm]

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