News of Immigrant Abuse Widely Ignored, So Far

A headline in the Dallas Morning News fairly represents the tone and content of a story: “Tales of terrorists breaching border overblown, so far.” Indeed it is a long story about what “could” occur, but hasn’t occurred. A curious bit of news.

On the other hand, immigrant families from around the world continue to be abused by USA immigration authorities in Dallas. And the stories continue to be widely ignored, so far.

It has been some time since we’ve heard news of a happy ending, and we watch with distress as a recent case of abuse involving Rrustem Neza jolts down a darkening tunnel of climate controlled indifference. Not only are USA authorities trying to deport him, too; they are petitioning to dope him first.

In all the cases we have shared at the Texas Civil Rights Review, the pattern is the same. Hard working, decent people crammed into a wringer without remorse. These exercises of American power cannot fail to provoke anger in a beating heart, and we have proved that hearts of Texas are beating.

Yet, at some level of structural maladjustment a sinister formula requires that news of someone’s stated fears should overtop interest in the real suffering of the day. As another chance at a happy ending slips past.

Against the discouragements of our continuing alliance with refugees and deportees, we quote John Rawls from “A Theory of Justice”:

“Now one feature of a rational plan is that in carrying it out the individual does not change his mind and wish that he had done something else instead. A rational person does not come to feel an aversion for the foreseen consequences so great that he regrets following the plan he has adopted. . . . We may, of course, regret something else, for example, that we have to live under such unfortunate circumstances . . .” (421-422) –gm

By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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