Possible Good News in Rrustem Neza's Asylum: An Appeal

Dear Editor

The Albanian newspaper Korrieri published on the front page on 5 September with a huge headline an announcement saying Rrustem Neza, who had identified the killers of Azem Hajdari, was denied asylum and would soon be deported to Albania.

The Korrieri also translated the information about Mr. Neza that I sent you, which was posted on Texas Civil Rights Review. Korrieri printed it over my byline, without my knowledge or permission. In fact, I never had heard of Korrieri until I was shown a fax of the 5 September front page.

Since then, a couple of other Albanian newspapers have reported the imminent return of Mr. Neza, on their front pages. I recently have been told that the Albanian government has asked the US government not to deport Mr. Neza at this time. The government of Albania is trying to establish its legitimacy with the European Union, because it is applying to be admitted to NATO. Therefore, it does not want the embarrassment of Mr. Neza’s assassination before NATO decides on its application.

Corroborating what I have been told, the Albanian government last month re-opened its investigation into the Hajdari murder, apparently at least in part responding to the publicity regarding Mr. Neza. Nevertheless, I need solid verification that somebody in the Albanian government has asked somebody in the US government to delay or cancel the deportation of Mr. Neza.

I am hoping that whoever passed my earlier message on to Korrieri will again alert somebody in Albania who can investigate the apparent efforts by the Albanian government to stop Mr. Neza’s deportation. I will be most grateful for any information anybody can provide me regarding any response of the Albanian government to the planned deportation of Mr. Neza.

John Wheat Gibson
Attorney for Rrustem Neza

By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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