A Reader Asks: What's Your Point?

Dear Greg,

What is your point? Should this and all nations of the world simply throw open their borders and let total chaos rule? Besides outsourcing and the idiot lifestyle acculturation of the average American today,
can’t you see that a laissez-faire immigration policy would cause the American middle class to die a quicker death than it is presently dying?
Can’t you see that multiculturalism is a failed policy encouraging only violence, hate, and social schism? Rather than promoting “diversity”, multiculturalism actually kills world wide diversity by breeding an undefined mass of anational individuals, torn from the nurturing womb of the blood and the soil that was truly theirs in their native lands. And the illusion is that they all come to
America to be “Americans”. The reality instead is that they all become hyphenated Americans. This country is already turning into a morass of hyphenations – each culture suspicious of the other and virtually
nonrecognizable vis-a-vis one another.

Through no desire of my own, I arrived in this country from Southern Europe at four years of age – the worst disaster in my life. Almost immediately, I was accosted by other established “ethnics”, blacks included and often especially, as a spic, a greenhorn, portagee. From my earliest years onward, I had little desire to become part of this supposed deracinated conglomeration of abstract Platonic entities that
supposedly bear no connection to race, nationality, language, religion, and native culture. And these same sentiments are echoed daily, yearly, and generationally by disturbed deracinated and hence emasculated youth who cry out with guns, knives, and drugs against the absurdity of this supposedly noble “social experiment”.

If you truly want to help immigrants, you don’t do it by trying to convince America’s native sons that they ought to feel pity upon the disadvantaged dregs of the earth who want to land in America and find their easy place in the sun. You do it by sending them back home, to put their houses in order, to create wealth in their own lands, and to compete effectively, on all levels, with the supposed North American masters of this world.



Dear ABrito, This morning I went to cash a paycheck. Standing in line, counting fifty people in front of me, then later fifty people behind me, I just don’t know what you mean by an easy place in the sun. Likewise I’m not following what the people around me had to do with the demise of the middle class, except that they didn’t look middle class yet, but would probably achieve it if left alone. As for multiculturalism, I beg to differ, it is one thing that redeems us. Multiculturalism reminds us that no matter how hyphenated a cultural identity may be, it belongs to a human being with human rights. Nevertheless, in consideration of the gap between our assumptions, I do appreciate thoughtful expressions of dissent, and I am happy to post your letter as food for my own thought.–gm

PS: As for the argument that people should try to live where they can solve their own problems, I think moving to the USA is for many people–such as Mexican corn farmers–exactly the place they need to be voting for more humane trade policies.

By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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