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A&M Committe Reports ''Growing Inability'' in 2002

[Quote:] Despite the small percentage gains over the twenty-year period,

the number of minority
students and faculty, when viewed as a percentage of the total, remains

small. This is
particularly true of African Americans and Hispanics students. TAMU is basically an

for the education of white students by white faculty. In addition, although our

students are primarily white U.S. citizens, over half of our graduate students are

from foreign
countries or hold nonresident status. Overall, this is an indication of TAMU’s growing

at both the undergraduate and graduate levels to effectively attract, retain, and educate

Texan and American citizens despite the need to do so as reflected in the increasing

diversity of
Texas’ college age population. In fact, over the last twenty years there has been a

12.9 percent
growth in our state’s minority population but TAMU still serves the same population

that it did
in 1981. We do note, however, that the sizeable increase in the proportion of women

and the increase in the percent of women faculty at TAMU is a major achievement over the

two decades.[end quote, Student and Faculty Minority Conditions at Texas A&M University: A

Longitudinal Comparison of the Years 1981, 1991, and 2001. June, August 2002. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY, pdf

p. 4, see links for complete pdf.]

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