Annise Parker Elected Mayor: Houston is the Winner

Voters in the nation’s fourth largest city went to the polls today and elected Equality Texas-endorsed candidate Annise Parker the next mayor of Houston. Parker was elected with 53 percent of the vote, defeating her runoff opponent Gene Locke who garnered 47 percent.

Houston is the winner because Annise Parker’s prior experience will serve her well as Mayor. Parker, a native Houstonian, has already served the city for over a decade as a City Council Member and as the current City Controller. Prior to entering public service Parker spent twenty years in the oil and gas industry. Parker will need to draw upon this experience to lead Houston through lean economic times and position the city to be a leader in new energy development.

Houston is the winner because it did not succumb to bigoted fear-mongering and homophobia. Yes, Annise Parker will become the first openly-lesbian mayor of a major U.S. city. However, Houston voters demonstrated, for the 7th time in Parker’s case, that they can elect candidates based on their experience, qualifications and abilities, without regard to their sexual orientation.

Houston is the winner because it has elected an eminently qualified public servant as its next mayor. We are all winners because fear-mongering and homophobia lost.

Source: Equality Texas.

By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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