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The following items were previously posted in the announcements section of the Texas Civil Rights Review.

Wednesday, March 28th, 5pm to 9pm: we will hold a sunset candlelight vigil at the JFK Museum located at Dealey Plaza, 411 Elm Street, Dallas.

Thursday, March 29th, 9:00am to noon: we continue our vigil in solidarity with the Hazahza family and all the imprisoned victims of ICE, at the U.S. District Courthouse, 1100 Commerce Street, Dallas.

Read Jay’s call to action

Hazahza Family

Mirvat, Ahmed, Muhammad, Juma, and Radi Hazahza
Immigration and Customs Enforcement claims that Hutto was built to keep families together. The Hazahzas have been separated from each other since their pre-election abduction in early November, 2006. Muhammad and Juma were released from the T. Don Hutto prison camp in early February, two days before a press tour there. Hisham (who is not pictured above), Suzi, Mirvat, Ahmed, and Radi are still being held at the Rolling Plains prison camp at Haskell, Texas.

Sample Letter to ICE

Drafted by Joshua Bardavid, Esq.
For three months in a row we have set records for our site traffic in 2007. While the overall totals are surely modest by today’s internet standards, we do want to thank you for showing that you care about the issues we’ve been covering this year. Free Suzi Hazahza and all mistreated immigrants!–gm

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