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Border Ambassador Calling: Join our 5,000 mile Protest

Hola y’all…

This is about a historical 5000 mile journey that begins in three weeks. We wanted you to have a heads up.

You are being sent this e-mail because you are (1) opposed to the border wall, (2) if you are interested in putting and end to incarcerating women and children in prison camps on American soil…(3) if you’re interested in preventing the death toll that is as a result of failed immigration policies in this country…(4) some of, or (5) all of the above.

The Attached is the schedule for Marcha Migrante II-Border Caravan which will focus on (5)…“all the above”.

Link to Jan. 12 version of schedule

One of the features of the Marcha Migrante II is that the Border Caravan will not only go from San Diego, CA all the way to Brownsville, TX…it will also swing up to Taylor, Texas…where 400-600 women and mostly children are imprisoned behind razor wire walls, in prison uniforms and are kept in cells for 22 hours a day.

Taylor is just 35 miles northeast of the Texas Capitol city of Austin . There we will hold a third vigil at the Hutto prison camp. By doing this we will be able to show our unrelenting opposition to the imprisoning of helpless women and innocent children in FOR PROFIT prison camps.
I am providing you with a video link of the Christmas Eve Vigil that was conducted this past December 24 at the Hutto prison camp in Taylor , TX and sponsored by my Flamenco artist friends, Teye & Belen, and me. This video clip is provided the young documentary film maker, Jesse Salmeron.

This schedule remains a work in progress. As we progress, more precise details, such as departure and arrival times and locations, will be easier to determine and we will therefore post them.

We obviously need to have some flexibility on this 5000 mile journey. We hope to have a website available to track our progress. When we do, we’ll notify you. (As always…if you prefer to not receive this information…we will accommodate your wishes.)
and we will therefore post them.

If you or an association that you are affiliated with would like to provide food, lodging…or would simply like to show solidarity with us in any way, please contact us. Please feel free to share and forward this to your friends, families, organizations, political and religious representatives and those that you know in the media.
and we will therefore post them.

Most especially…if you are able to arrange it…please join us…anywhere along the way…
and we will therefore post them.

Hasta entonces…



Border Ambassador

Connecting the Dots…Making a Difference


Jay J. Johnson-Castro, Sr.

Del Rio, Texas

Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila , Mexico

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Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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