Border Talker: Jay Hosts Wall Talk between Mexicans and Congressional Tour

On Sunday border Wall-ker Jay Johnson-Castro became the border talker in a three-way conversation between activists on the USA side of the border wall, Mexicans on the Mexican side, and a troupe of USA Congresspersons who were escorted to the scene by the Border Patrol.

It was at the end of Johnson-Castro’s border wall-k in protest of the already-built walls in California. Protest wall-kers were chatting through the wall with Mexicans on the other side, when up comes a delegation of seven Congresspersons, including Rep. Ciro Rodriguez of the Rio Grande Valley.
“How is it your government lets the new, modern KKK roam free and harass us?” asked the Mexicans through the wall to the Congresspersons.

Johnson-Castro, who has just completed a caravan from “sea to shining sea” along the length of the USA border with Mexico, pledged to the activists, the Mexicans, and the Congresspersons that we will see the day come when the wall between the USA and Mexico is torn down.

“We feel that we can have the rejoicing that people felt when the Berlin wall came down,” said Johnson-Castro. “We the people have to take action.
I even told the congressman that.”

Johnson-Castro says he was touched by the sight of Mexicans stranded “up against the wall” and separated from friends and family.

“They subject themselves to indignity of our country to be with their families or just to feed their families,” said Johnson-Castro via cell phone from California. “This just has got to stop. But we don’t have a government at this point that will stop it. Not even Democrats will stop it until we raise enough hell.”

“You know, it was Clinton who first had the wall put up in San Diego. Democrats and Republicans share this warped mentality of barriers. And they’re building it as fast as they can.”

We look forward to receiving a full report from Johnson-Castro via email. He had a busy weekend protesting the wall and double-checking the mass grave at Holtville, CA.

Stay tuned….

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