Border Wall-k VI

Note: dates have changed to Aug. 27-31. For latest info, check home page of the Texas Civil Rights Review.–gm

Howdy amigos…

Border Wall-k VI in opposition to the US-Mexico “border wall of apartheid” is scheduled for August 19-23.

The House of Representatives will take their “Summer District Work Period” from August 11- September 5th. The Senate will take their “State Work Period” from August 9 – September 7th. What an ideal time to have another Border Wall-k. Border Wall-k VI…or El Paso Border Wall-k.

Texas has 1250 miles of border with Mexico. That represents about 65% of the entire 1950 miles of US-Mexico border. That means that at least 65% of the border residents are opposed to the border wall.

In representation of their border citizens and communities, the Texas Mayors all along the Texas-Mexico border have stood up against this border wall, even entering into a lawsuit against the federal government to stop the construction.

Now it’s time to convince Congress, that America cannot be the world leader of “liberty and justice for all” while walling itself off as country…and becoming an international gated community. Not many years ago, a wall between friends and family in Europe was considered the symbol of an oppressive enemy of the free world.

El Paso is our Far West Texas anchor city of the Texas-Mexico border that is subject to the construction of the longest border wall in Texas. 56 straight miles, cutting through heritage and culture, through lives, through beautiful crop lands. Such a wall will harm everything that we revere here on the border.

A coalition of local, state, national as well as border organizations are therefore galvanizing, organizing, sponsoring and endorsing a 56, five day Border Wall-k from August 19-23…from McNary to El Paso, so as to coincide with the Congressmen retuning from Washington, D. C. to do work in their districts.

The El Paso-Border Wall-k will leave McNary on Tuesday, August 19, travel NorthWest along Texas Highway 20, and arrive at the plaza in downtown El Paso on Saturday afternoon, August 23rd.

We request your solidarity. From coast to coast, we encourage all individuals and organizations opposed to the “border wall of apartheid” to spread the word about the El Paso-Border Wall-k. Let your friends and neighbors know that Texas is still standing up to one of the most demented schemes being imposed on a free people.

For more information you can contact:

Bill Guerra Addington
Border Ambassadors

Carlos Narentes
Sin Fronteras

Fernando Garcia
Border Network for Human Rights

Sarah Boone
Border Ambassadors

Would you and/or your organization be willing to participate, sponsor and/or endorse the El Paso-Border Wall-k?

In solidarity…


Border Ambassadors
Jay J. Johnson-Castro, Sr.

By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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