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Christmas Eve Vigil at Hutto Children's Jail

Jay J. Johnson-Castro: (830)-768-0768
Teye and Belen: (512)922-0789


Austin, Texas. Along with Jay J. Johnson-Castro, two professional Flamenco performers, Teye and Belen, who are based in Austin (, are organizing a Christmas Eve Vigil for the children who are incarcerated in the Hutto prison camp in Taylor , Texas .

Jay, who gained international media attention when he made a 205 mile walk from Laredo to Brownsville to protest the proposed border wall as well as the walk from the Capitol in Austin to Hutto prison camp last week, proposed the Christmas Eve Vigil so as not to forget the children over the holidays who are imprisoned there. Teye and Belen embraced the thought and offered to perform there.

The Vigil will be held on Dec 24, from 5-6pm, across from the entrance of the Hutto prison camp.

Teye and Belen will use their Flamenco talents to show their protest for the inhumane treatment of the inmates of Don Hutto Center in Taylor Texas, especially the 200 children that are imprisoned there. They will perform according to their best Gypsy Campfire traditions. Since there will be no campfire…it is requested that you bring your own candles.

Everyone is invited to attend the Christmas Eve Vigil for the children who are imprisoned in the Hutto prison camp. For anyone who does attend, Teye and Belen will be giving away a free autographed copy of their latest CD, “FlamencObsesionArte”.

Most folks who would be likely to support such a vigil will already have made plans for Christmas Eve with their friends and families and enjoying traditional holiday cheer. Recognizing that few will be thinking about imprisoned children here on American soil on this Christmas Eve, Jay, along with Teye and Belen will hold this special vigil…for these children. Even if only a few are able to attend, all will know that someone is conscious of their plight.

The intention of this vigil is therefore two fold. (1) To bring hope in during the Christmas holidays to children and their families in the Hutto and other prison camps throughout Texas and the United States and (2) to bring further local, state, national and international awareness to their plight.
Address of the Hutto family prison camp: 1001 Welch St. , Taylor , Texas (35 miles northeast of the State Capitol)

If you are not part of the media, please forward this to your media friends. View Map to Hutto Prison for Children, Women, and Profit, USA

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