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Christmas Greetings from Irma and Ramsey Muniz

Dear Friends:

On this beautiful Christmas day I share a most profound message from my husband, Ramsey Muniz. I have just returned from El Reno, Oklahoma where Ramsey and I exchanged sentiments of love and thanksgiving for the Savior sent to us for the sake of all humanity.

Ramsey writes as follows:

Even though I feel the heavy weight of time lost in this confinement, the agony of being alive in this mode of darkness, Irma, my wife, and I share with you the true meaning of the glorious spiritual celebration, for it is the birth of the Light of this world. With love and strength in our hearts we will not walk in darkness, but with the Light of life and freedom.

Merry Christmas to our families, friends, and supporters, to those who seek justice, and to all who carry the love of Christ in their hearts.

Con amor,
Ramsey & Irma Muniz

“My incarceration, my innocence and cruel suffering have transformed me into the most profound and powerful symbol of human salvation.”

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