Columbia J Students Take CCA to School

“In 2005, when the immigration crackdown got underway and lawmakers debated how to meet the need for detention, CCA paid close to $3.5 million for lobbying focused on immigration and national security. One of its key lobbyists was Phillip J. Perry, son-in-law of Vice President Dick Cheney, who was appointed general counsel for DHS. The next year CCA reported its highest revenue ever.”

“CCA’s general counsel, Gustavus Puryear IV, could give the revolving door another turn. Puryear made headlines this year when President Bush nominated him for a federal judge seat in the Middle District of Tennessee, where CCA is headquartered. Puryear has worked as a speech writer for Vice President Dick Cheney. He testified during a Senate hearing that he would recuse himself from cases involving the company.”

See the full story at business of detention com

Note: thanks to Pancho Garcia for sending this along–gm

By mopress

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