Credit to Bank of America?

Frankly we don’t see the problem with Bank of America’s decision to give credit cards without social security numbers, mainly to make a buck off of workers who have been impoverished by free trade and criminalized by USA immigration laws. Now those workers get to join the debt brigades of El Norte. Welcome.

But a poll on the matter will tell us something about our readers. So here we go again…

Bank of America? American or UnAmerican, you tell us. See poll on righthand side of the home page. We vote American.

Oops, on second thought, BOA bank management called the cops on some College Station war protesters today, including our dear friend Danny Yeager, so never mind. We’re pulling the poll.

As it turns out BOA rents office space in the same building as Congressman Chet Edwards, but BOA is apparently uwilling to tolerate peaceful dissent on the premises. UnAmerican.–gm

By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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