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Dallas Vigils for the Hazahzas: March 28-29

Email from Jay Johnson-Castro.

To those around the county and the around the world…

To those all over Texas …

To those in the Metro-plex…

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” Martin Luther King, Jr.

May we never be guilty due to our silence. May we use our collective voice to protest the cruel ICE raids, incarceration and inhumane treatment of innocent and beautiful people who only seek the American dream.

Even if it is one person at a time…one family at a time…we will be unrelenting until all those seeking to be Americans are freed. In the case of this vigil…it is scheduled to coincide with the immigration hearing on Thursday morning for the Hazahza family (see pictures below).
NOTICE: On the evening of Wednesday, March 28th…from 5pm to 9pm…we will hold a sunset-candlelight vigil…at the JFK Museum located at the Dealey Plaza on 411 Elm Street in Dallas .

On Thursday morning, March 29th…beginning at 9:00am to noon…there will be a continuation of our vigil in solidarity with the Hazahza family…and all the imprisoned victims of ICE. This will be held at the U.S. District Courthouse located at 1100 Commerce Street in Dallas.

We give special focus to Suzi Hazahza…and her sister, Mirvat. They represent thousands of women who are blessings to our country. Without having committed a crime and to fill “for-profit” prisons…they are now in prison cells are being treated as criminals and are now victims of sexual abuses. Suzi and her sister Mirvat, along her father and young brother, are still incarcerated in different cells in the Haskell prison camp in Governor Perry’s hometown. Their mother and little brother…now released…spent months imprisoned in the Hutto prison camp for “families” near the Texas Capitol. ICE say Hutto is a humane facility to keep families together. So much for that lie.

So, we are holding this vigil to show solidarity with the entire Hazahza family. We want them completely released from the ruthlessness of our ICE government. This vigil is also to show solidarity with all of the victims of ICE. We demand that the raids to stop…immediately…all over our country. We want the imprisonment of helpless immigrants to stop. We demand that the atrocities to stop!!! We want these un-American and demented “for-profit” prisons to be shut down. We want all the children, the women and hard working men to be freed…so they can be free…in this land of the free.

Yet… “The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people” Martin Luther King, Jr.

This vigil is a uniting of Americans. Americans of all backgrounds. Latin Americans, African Americans, Jewish Americans, Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, Anglo Americans…and Heinz 57 Americans like me. We are all either immigrants or descendents of American immigrants. At this time in our country’s history, we are uniting our spirit to defend and to protect the our new generation of immigrant Americans.

May the Hazahzas, may all the “huddled masses” of immigrants and victims of ICE, may the leaders of our communities and our great state, may ICE and our Congress, may all fellow Americans…and may the whole world that is watching us…may they all know. Grass roots Americans…we the people…will not be complicate by silence with the atrocities being committed on helpless and sincere immigrants by the terrorist forces of ICE.

In whatever part of the Texas , our country and our world…thousands and millions of us have a common thread. We are fighting dark and greedy cancerous forces…which have a depraved stranglehold on the lives of millions of innocent people.

Remember one quick phone call can change it all. Call NANCY PELOSI directly at 202 225 4965 and simply say…

“We want an immediate end of the ICE raids on immigrants. We want the ICE victims like the Hazahza family freed from the “for-profit” prisons…and returned to their homes, schools and jobs. ” Make the difference…and make that call today.

Please feel free to join us in Dallas if you can. You may also share in this solidarity by sharing this invitation with others…


P.S. Thanks to especially to Dr. Asma Salam, as well as Ralph Isenberg, Reza Barkhordari and Jose De La Rocha for their time, resources and dedication to coordinate this special vigil. JJJ

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