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Email from Riad Hamad: I Will be at Hutto in the Morning (12/23/06)

After receiving an email from the Palestine Solidarity Committee, the Texas Civil Rights Review sent an email to Riad Hamad asking for details about his “toy drive.” The following email was received at 10:08 p.m., Dec. 23, 2006.–gm


I have no idea about the toy drive . . . just went to the ” residential facility” which is horrendous and they did not let me in since it was after 5. I will be there in the morning with some women friends to visit the Palestinian family and give the mother some cash and phone cards to keep in touch with her son and husband.

They are not allowing any gifts etc to the “detainees” as I am concerned for the pregnant woman and her husband who is ill with diabetes. No one contacted me and I did not contact anyone regarding this . . if you can call me tomorrow during the day . . I would fill you in . . Mexicans have a country to go to. Africans have countries to go to. Asians have countries that could take them. Palesitnians have NO WHERE TO Go..hence my passion for them. .

Looking forward to hearing from you and THANKS for your work and support for peace and justice.

Riad Hamad

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