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Feedback from Tyrone Smith: Revoke the Funding

Civil Rights does not mean equal opportunity, it means
equal results. We do not

even have equal opportunity in many situations
(education, job income, etc.) and even if we did, IT

ENOUGH. It is time to take back from the white man what he has taken from us

so long. Affirmative action is a first step, but we must go
further. We MUST require quotas for

corporate America and educational
institutions to ensure we get what we deserve and are entitled

to. Texas A&M
should be stripped of all state funds until it establishes an
affirmative action

policy, and if black students don’t exceed the percentage of
the general populace within 4 years,

funds should be revoked
PERMANENTLY. First steps to freedom! [ 1/9/2004]

By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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