Fresh TRACs from Border Research

Greetings all. The very latest monthly information on the criminal enforcement of immigration cases shows that January prosecutions were almost 18% higher than they were in December and over 100% higher than they were five years ago. TRAC’s January Monthly Update Bulletin also provides specific data on the most frequently used laws, busiest districts
and most active judges. To see this timely report go to and click on “Reports and Bulletins.”

Also note the two reports on Protecting the Borders. Both provide insights about President Bush’s immigration plan. One report, for example,
shows that in the last ten years Border Patrol agents have more than doubled but “apprehensions” of aliens declined by about ten percent. A second report shows that Border Patrol staff increased at a faster rate
under President Clinton than in the Bush years. Both reports have sector-by-sector data.

David Burnham and Susan B. Long, co-directors

Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse
Syracuse University

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