Homeland Security Certifies Maquiladora for Border Traffic

Keyword maquiladora turns up an announcement on today’s PRWeb that a maquiladora company has been certified to ship materials into the USA even in the event of a terrorist attack, thanks to a certification from the USA Department of Homeland Security.

The company, Am-Mex products, is the subject of a press release by security-systems provider FreelineUSA. In the press release, FreelineUSA announces that it has installed an “IP centric, video security and VoIP communications system” at the Am-Mex “Shelter campus” in Reynosa, MX.

“Am-Mex has been certified and validated under the C-TPAT program (C-TPAT – Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) as a Foreign Related Manufacturer,” reports the FreelineUSA press release.

“This certification signifies that their Shelter campus in Reynosa, Mexico is a secure environment that works along with the Department of Homeland Security to prevent terrorism.

“Additionally, Am-Mex Products is C-TPAT certified as a U.S. Importer of Record for their McAllen facility and Highway Carrier for their truck fleet.

“Under the C-TPAT protocol, should another terrorist attack similar to 9/11 occur, Am-Mex’s C-TPAT certification of their facilities and supply chain (Reynosa manufacturing plant, trucks and US warehouse) enables crossing the border through the C-TPAT FAST lanes— with raw materials and finished goods, keeping production lines running and customer deliveries on time.”

FreelineUSA’s IP Centric, FL-USA 500 Video Surveillance Assists Am-Mex Products in Clearing the Hurdle of Tight U.S. Custom’s Mexican Border Security Controls (C-TPAT Program), press release dated June 30, 2006

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