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Houston Chinese Students Appeal for Earthquake Donations

Appeal Forwarded by Steve Yang. Translations by Google Translate–gm


Chinese students in the Houston alumni for the earthquake-relief area students and campus redevelopment Yijuan倡议书


The majority of the Houston Chinese students, alumni, teachers and friends:


4 Chuan Wenchuan area of 7.8 strong earthquake affects us in the Houston area study and life of Chinese students, alumni and teachers friend’s heart. In particular, is rare to see in this extraordinary natural disaster, many students lost parents, schools, homes and even lives, we are very uncomfortable, acutely aware of.


To this end, we initiative of the broad masses of the Houston area students, alumni, teachers and friends offer a total of caring for the disaster area students Yijuan relief and reconstruction money to the campus. We point out of pocket money, eat breakfast several times, bought two small clothes, the disaster areas to help students through this difficult period.


We also appeal to American-born Chinese students, including those in the Chinese school friends of the size of the extended hands of friendship and assistance you the distant ancestors of the people are suffering from natural disasters brothers, reflected in Chinese culture, “a difficult one, P Plus support” Traditional virtues.


China Education Development Foundation has set up a donation account for dollars, to help the disaster areas to receive tertiary students and campus redevelopment contributions. Large areas of the University of Houston students in China, the Chinese University Alumni Association, Chinese schools and colleges, and other units can be first in-house fund-raising initiative, and appropriate summary, commissioned by the Chinese Education Consulate General in Houston took the group to donate to the China Education Development Fund Will.

可在捐款支票抬头注明:Chinese Consulate General in Houston,并请注明“China’s Earthquake Disaster Relief”。支票请寄至:

Check the rise in contributions can be annotated: Chinese Consulate General in Houston, and please specify “China’s Earthquake Disaster Relief”. Please check sent to:

Jun Tang
Chinese Consulate General
Education Office
811 Holman Street
Houston, TX 77002

联系方式:电话 (Contact: Phone):713-522-0244
传真 (fax):713-522-0015


Just in time, will be transferred to the China Education Development Foundation and the fastest way to reach the disaster areas, earmarking. Mail donations, please specify names, units and contact addresses and telephone numbers for enquiries and send receipts and thank the letter.


Directly sent to the China Education Development Foundation, which will be available for the dollar donation account:

Open an account: China Education Development Foundation
账 号 (Account Number):01770308091014
Bank: Bank of China head office business department

China Education Development Foundation Contact:
地 址:中国北京市西城区西单大木仓胡同35号
Address: China’s Xicheng District, Beijing Xidan large wooden warehouse alley No. 35
联系电话 (tel):86-10-66097788, 传真(fax):86-10-66097755
网 址(url)




Yijuan the Houston regional education initiatives:

Houston large areas of China Joint Alumni Association
Dragon Institute of Education
Huaxia Chinese School in Houston
Wei Ling schools
Rice University Chinese Students and Scholars Association
University of Texas Houston Health Centre Chinese Students and Scholars Association
Texas Southern University Chinese Students and Scholars Association
University of Houston, the Chinese Students and Scholars Association
Baylor College of Chinese Students and Scholars Association
Texas A & M University Chinese Students and Scholars Association
Texas A & M University Kingsville Chinese Students and Scholars Association
St. Thomas University Chinese Students and Scholars Association
42 in Nanjing University of Houston Alumni Association
Other major areas of the University of Houston, the Chinese Students and Scholars Association, the Alumni Association

Also, if other organizations wish to become the initiatives launched units, and Gu Jie-na Contact: (713) 884-7823.

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