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Hutto Family Prison in Hands of County Commissioners

Email from Jay J. Johnson-Castro, Jan. 22, 2007

Hola y’all…

The fate of the children incarcerated in the Hutto prison camp is in the hands of the Williamson County Commissioners Court. As of last week, the Commissioners did not realize that they would have such a crucial decision to make this coming week.

The County’s lease with the Correctional Corporation of America , (CCA) the private company that makes obscene profits off of incarcerating the children and their mothers…expires next week…on January 31st. Now, thanks to the efforts of our investigations and opposition, the Commissioners do know. They know that they can refuse to renew the lease and put an end to the Hutto “ Residential Center ” prison camp.
There is a growing group of Williamson County citizens that … are shocked that little children are in prison cells for 22 hours a day. They are outraged that such an immoral and criminal act is being committed, not only in America , let alone in the great State of Texas …but right in their county. It is even more repugnant for many of the Williamson County residents that live right in Taylor …not far from the prison camp.

Many of these citizens will be present [Tuesday] morning at 9:30am at the Commissioners Court in Georgetown. They will be there to oppose the renewal of the lease with CCA and the cancellation of the contract with Chertoff and the ICE Company. So, there is an outreach taking place within the fellow Williamson County residents to attend this meeting.

Jane Van Praag, will be making a presentation to the Commissioners Court. Jane says the following about when and where the Commissioners Court will meet:

The Williamson County Commissioners’ Court meets every Tuesday at 9:30 in the Precinct 3 Justice of the Peace Courtroom at the County Annex Building, 301 SE Inner Loop, in Georgetown. [Tuesday] (23rd) I make my appeal not to renew T. Don Hutto and on the 30th they will discuss whether or not to renew once the contract expires on 01-31-07.

It is the hope and confidence of the Williamson County residents such as Jane that the Commissioners they elected to represent their citizens’ voice, will do so on this most crucial matter, and especially to have the courage to do the just and moral thing regarding the children. The right thing being…to stand up to a powerful government that would incarcerate children, give the required 120 day notice to Chertoff and ICE, while cancelling the lease with CCA. By doing so, the Commissioners can make a statement with national and international force, that it is an immoral and un-American act to exploit the women and children…let alone for profit.

As for the rest of us…from all over Texas , the USA and other parts of the world…we are solidly behind Jane Van Praag and the citizens of Williamson County …in their fight to restore a sense of sanity and dignity at this crucial time of American history. We also hope that the Williamson County Commissioners, instinctively champion the children…and force Chertoff and ICE to discontinue something so immoral, repugnant…and even criminal…as to treat these little innocent ones as they are doing.

To the Williamson County Commissioners, the fate of these children is in your hands. You can champion them. You should champion them…as if they were your own children or grandchildren.

For a take on this situation from Williamson County residents…here is the link to the Eye on Williamson County.

You’re always encouraged to go to http://www.texascivilrightsreview for the most complete accumulation and up to date information regarding the Hutto prison camp.


P.S. Don’t forget the Vigil this coming Thursday evening, January 25th…at 5:50-6:30pm…right in front of the Hutto prison camp. We are holding this third vigil…to encourage the Williamson County Commissioners to choose the children over Chertoff and the ICE Company. Here’s the mapquest map.



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Jay J. Johnson-Castro, Sr.

Del Rio, Texas, USA
Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila , Mexico

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