Immigration Persists in Effots to Dope and Deport Albanian Refugee

If this Court grants the Plaintiff’s request for authorization to drug Rrustem Neza so Plaintiff can deport him without his protest, then the deportation will deprive the US Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit and the BIA of jurisdiction of the actions now pending before them to prevent the deportation of the Defendant. As the Appendix demonstrates undeniably, “If Rrustem Neza is returned to Albania, he very likely will be killed on account of his political activities related to the Hajdari assassination.” Affidavit of James Pettifer, Exhibit 6 to the Appendix to Amended Motion to Reopen on Account of Changed Circumstances, which is Appendix 1 to the Appendix to Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss, Motion for More Definite Statement, and Reply to Motion for Preliminary Injunction.

Excerpt from Rrustem Neza’s Oct. 22, 2007 reply to continuing legal efforts to dope and deport him to Albania.

See also: Oct. 1, 2007 motion by USA immigration authorities to dope and deport Rrustem Neza to Albania.

By mopress

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