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Irma Muniz: Fighting the Sentencing Guidelines

Dear Friends:

The current Supreme Court decision states that it is unconstitutional for a judge to determine a person’s sentence without the jury having knowledge. This violates one’s
constitutional right to a trial by jury. Ramsey was sentenced by a judge rather than a jury. He will be filing an appeal, but has been advised to wait, as others should do.
There will be many people filing appeals, and those appeals need to be studied in order to determine which ones will be granted
by the courts. This information should be shared with others who have hopes of obtaining their freedom.

Activists need to become involved in this issue, as it will affect many African-Americans and Mexicanos. Decisions made regarding
the sentencing guidelines should pertain to everyone, rather than being capricious, arbitrary decisions. If the current sentencing
guidelines are unconstitutional (and they are), then they need to be declared unconstitutional for everyone across the board.

Thank you for sharing this information with others.

Irma Muniz
via email Jan. 15, 2005

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