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Jay Johnson-Castro: ICE/Hutto Parternship May be Worse Than We Thought

Email from Jay Johnson-Castro

Hola y’all…

Following is a real heads up. The ICE/Hutto partnership might be even worse than we thought just a couple of days ago.

First I’d like to say that I am very grateful to the media for covering the imprisonment of the 200 children in Taylor , Tx . In particular, I’m grateful to Steve Taylor of for breaking the story. I’m grateful to Diego Muñoz, the anchor of Univision/Austin, for following the walk so closely. I’m grateful to Javier Aparisi of BBC for making this international…and to Juan Castillo of the Austin Stateman for a great front page story.

Juan’s story in the Stateman was very comprehensive and fair. It did trigger the following letter that was written to him by an immigration attorney, John Gibson, who justifiable vents his outrage, not at the Statesman, but at the tyrannical administration that would treat humans in America like the current administration under Bush and Chertoff. You’ll see below that John Gibson has clients in Hutto that are LEGAL!!!

[The Gibson letter has been posted as a separate story–gm] It’s not Juan’s or the Stateman’s fault that such tyrannical conditions exist in Hutto. Juan did the truth a great service by bringing this subject to the readership of the Statesman. It’s the fault of the current administration and especially Chertoff…whose idea is to have even more facilities that imprison children in dog pound like conditions. At the same time, John Gibson’s outrage below really exposes an evil in this country even worse than folks like me even thought it was just a few days ago.

I appeal to all immigration attorneys who know this stuff is going on…as well as to the different organizations that give a crap…to pool the knowledge and information you have. Let get all the transparency out to the public that we can. Cock roaches cannot stand the light!

If Hutto…as a half year old experiment…is the best product of the current Chertoff tyranny…what exists below this level folks? What preceded it? What is happening in secret all over this state and all over this country…for profit?

We must not allow this to get back below the radar of the media and the public. Please help keep the light on the subject. Get access into these so called “detention centers” which are little more than prison camps that exploit desperate people only to make obscene profits.

Like John Gibson, caring attorneys need to provide the facts to the media. Organizations like LULAC and the ACLU will hopefully take legal and political action. The US Congress should demand an investigation of this situation. Even the UN should investigate this. How about Amnest International?

Human rights and dignity must be demanded for these children…and any refugee…in order to regain and preserve a free and open society. Occult and Gulag tactics must not continue to exist in America . This wharped and demented mentality must be brought to an abrumpt end!!!

Ultimately…it is “We the people” that must do something. It may be that we will have to keep walking to Hutto…and to any other facility…and keep on holding vigils…until this violation of human rights is extinguished.

Any thoughts will be appreciated…


P.S. Some media links to the plight at the Hutto facility…


Connecting the dots…making a difference…


Jay J. Johnson-Castro, Sr.

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