Laptop Lab for Palestinian Students

Email from Riad Elsolh Hamad–gm

Dear Friends,

Palestine Children’s Welfare Fund is pleased to announce that Bir Zeit University in Ramallah, Palestine received 10 laptops and the peripheries for a wireless network.

The university dedicated the Physics Laboratory where the computers are to Palestine Children’s Welfare Fund as you see in the link below.

We extend our deep gratitude and appreciation to our generous donors, buyers of arts and crafts through our website and to our volunteers who work very hard to sell the arts and crafts at events around the United States.

We could not have done this without them and without their dedication to the well being and safety of the children in Palestine . PCWF intends to extend this program to other colleges and universities in Palestine and to provide young men and women with the opportunity to continue their education and to work towards a free Palestine with peace and justice.

Please consider making a donation towards our effort to support Bir Zeit University and other academic institutions in Palestine or by forwarding this message to your family, friends and colleagues and asking them to do the same.

Also, you can help by buying Palestinian arts and crafts through our website and one hundred percent of the proceeds will go towards job creation in Palestine and to support our projects in Palestine.

Looking forward to hearing from you and thanks again for your generosity, work and support for the children of Palestine.

Riad Elsolh Hamad

Palestine Children’s Welfare Fund. 201 W. Stassney # 201, Austin, Texas 78745 Support the children of Palestine by buying Palestinian arts and crafts. Sustain the Palestinian economy and provide jobs for the men, women and farmers in Palestine to live with pride and dignity TILL WE RETURN.

The Uni*n of Arab News Agencies awarded its prize for the best photograph of 2007 to the Syrian News Agency (SANA) for a picture of a seven year old girl busy studying while sitting on a sidewalk in Damascus as she was selling candies.


The young photographer Wasim Kheir Beik 27 was able to take the photo only after many trials because the girl refused to be photographed and covered her face with her small hands every time he tried to snap a picture. Wasim said that he was able to photograph her with a zoom lens at 30 meters when he was accidentally at her usual place to sit while working and studying.

As for the message that he wanted to relay though the photo, Kheir Beik said, “I want to prove that a human being by will and toil can defeat poverty and deprivation.”

The Uni*n called the photo “Education and Work”

Wasim called it: “Challenge.”

Translated by Adib S. Kawar with some idiomatic modification by Joachim Martillo. Forwarded by–gm

By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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