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Dear Friends:

This message is sent to family members and friends
to provide an update on the medical status of my husband,
Ramsey Muniz. In a previous message I stated that he had
shown improvement, but since that time he has again become
ill. His abdomen area has filled with bile. He has
infection which is accompanied by fever. Tomorrow
morning (Monday, September 19) Ramsey will undergo surgery
which will give doctors a new opportunity to fix the
source of his illness. We welcome everyone’s prayers,
and ask God that Ramsey be granted a long awaited recovery.

Thursday, September 8:
Ramsey undergoes an ERCP procedure for
the 3rd time. The doctor removes two stents previously inserted, and
replaces them with a larger one. He expresses confidence that this will
solve the problem. When I visit with Ramsey, he is heavily sedated.
Friday, September 9:
For the first time Ramsey has eaten an entire cup of cream of wheat. Under the circumstances, this is
tremendous progress. His face alone reflects improved health.

Saturday, September 10:
Early in the morning Ramsey has
problems breathing and he is given oxygen. In the morning he is taken
to walk because of the long amount of time that he has spent in bed. I
visit with him later and he is very weak. He hardly speaks. Because he
has remained in a lying position for so long, he has developed a very
painful bed sore.

Sunday, September 11:
Ramsey’s abdomen is again filled with
fluid. He forces himself to walk , in an effort to rid himself of the
fluid. His liver enzymes are down, which is positive.

Monday, September 12:
Ramsey is taken for another paracentesis
procedure to drain around the stomach area. They remove about
2 1/2 liters of what appears to be bile. They attempt to do
hemodialysis, but his catheter is clogged, so dialysis is postponed,
and they instead repair the catheter.

Tuesday, September 13:
Ramsey is given hemodialysis again, as
his kidneys need to improve. It seems that the antibiotics are
effective, as his white blood cell count is lowering.

The physician has ordered a consultation with a surgeon to
determine if surgery will help.

Wednesday, September 14:
Ramsey begins to eat solid food,
though he remains very ill. His stomach has again filled with bile, but
the amount seems less. The doctor does not want to resort to surgery,
and instead wants to wait to see if the fluid can be fought through the
body’s normal functions. He feels that the stent is just taking longer
to be effective.

Thursday, September 15:
I called the nurse’s station at 5:45
AM for an update on Ramsey’s status. He has not been feeling well and
his stomach is bloated but he is sitting up in a chair, in an attempt
to fight the illness through mobility. His body is extremely tired.

Friday, September 16:
I visit with Ramsey and he remains
very weak. I do everything possible to impart faith, spirituality,
hope, and strength. He has been told that surgery has been scheduled on
Monday morning or during the noon hour.

Saturday, September 17:
Ramsey remains very weak.

Sunday, September 18:
Ramsey remains very weak. We welcome
prayers from family members and friends, and ask God that Ramsey be
granted a long awaited recovery.

Our sincerest gratitude goes to all who have expressed
compassion, love, and concern, and more importantly to
those who have said prayers on behalf of my husband.

Irma Muniz

Received via email Sept. 18

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