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Letter from Antonio Diaz: Free the Children Coalition

Dear Editor:

While I am totally appreciative of your attention to the plight of the families with children imprisoned behind the walls of that prison for profit named after the co-founder of CCA and a sty in the eye of Texas TD Hutto, I as an organizer would ask for some support from you as I am the principal organizer of Free the Children Coalition.

The protests that have taken place in Taylor have been a product of my efforts along with others that you mention in your report from our last Freedom March in Taylor. While I am remiss in even bringing this up, but I must be candid without the recognition from the media for the efforts of bringing about these protest Marches it makes it harder to get participation from the community.

Perhaps I should be appreciative in that the matter did receive media attention at all. I will continue to organize the protest Marches in Taylor along with the speakers stage, for it was I that instituted the stage with sound amplification.

Again the media recognition is helpful when organizing for such events especially in recruiting volunteers for these much needed actions against these injustices that are so prevalent in these days.

Antonio Diaz
Cesar E. Chavez March for Justice San Antonio Tx.
Organizer :
Free the Children Coalition

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