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Mexicano Constitutional Human Rights

And the Rights of Any Human Being

Citlalmina y nuestra gente Mexicana: "I covered my face
with my hands and sat still, in pure unconsciousness, neither hearing
nor feeling nor knowing, in the darkness of the dungeons of America,
like the deep of the sea. With no time and no world, in the deeps that
are timeless and worldless.
It was then that our spirituality of our ancient Mexicano ancestors
reached into the depth of my heart."– Tezcatlipoca (R. Muñiz)

By Ramsey Muniz

The entire United States of America has finally come to understand
and realize that our people, nuestros Mexicanos / Mexicanas, have
fulfilled our ancient destiny of returning to our land. It is written
in our ancient Mexican history that one day we as a people would return
to our land, which by law of God and nature was ours from the time of
its creation. At this point I’m not here to question or to share the
truth of whose land (Aztlan) is, or to prove the ownership. The latter
is and has been a question or matter of ownership from the beginning,
and by the preponderance of the evidence, we are rightful heirs.

At this point we are deeply concerned about the drastic laws and
American legislature which corrals our people like livestock.
Hispanics, Latinos, Chicanos, whatever nuestra raza decides to call
itself, it is our duty and obligation as Mexicanos to protect the human
rights of our people regarding the devastating and panicking
legislation against us throughout the United States.

Those of us Mexicanos who were born here in the United States must
provide the necessary assistance as if we were aiding our sisters and
brothers. We are not different; we are all the same. Nosotros somos
uno. Our sisters and brothers from our Holy Land of Mexico are not
criminals. In seeking a better life for our families our sisters and
brothers crossed into Aztlan
(Southwest) not only for job opportunities or careers, but fulfilling
the consciousness of reuniting once again in Aztlan.

The oppressed, regardless of race, have forever risen from their
oppression and have embraced liberation. After so many years, we, Los
Mexicanos del Sexto Sol, have become advocates of liberation, justice,
and eventually the ultimate
return of Aztlan. Regardless of how many laws and/or legislation are
passed to oppress our people, we shall overcome that oppression with
our ancient history and writings in our hands.

As a raza, as a people we cannot continue to permit the oppressor
(United States immigration laws) to violate the
God-given human rights of the masses of our people.
Mexicano organizations, Latin Americans, and others must come forward
and be advocates for our sisters and brothers who carry in their
possessions all their worldly property in one small paper sack. We must
protect the human rights of nuestra raza regardless of how they crossed
the river.

"We will collectively realize that there is more to us
as a people than the conquest. That we are not savages, and it is very
important to gaze back at our history, however much it hurts, and go
beyond that, and look at our magnificent Mexicano indigenous past. As
we decolonize our minds, we will realize that we are heirs to a
magnificent culture as well as
architects of our own future."–Oscar Benavides (Carrizo Springs, Texas)

The youth of today and tomorrow must now fully
understand our ancient Mexicano history and how within the last 500
years we have finally come into the passage of our cosmic future in all
America. We must protest against the structure of any wall or fence
(Mexicano Berlin wall) to be structured at the border.

Even if America decides to take such devastating inhumane action,
within a certain period of time we, Los Mexicanos, will be able to
overcome such actions. Scholars and those who have studied our history
as a profession, will share that history will provide the necessary
intellectual elements of arriving to the
conclusion that to begin with the entire Southwest of America (Aztlan)
was ours as a land at one time, and it was prophesized during times of
hardship and turmoil that we would rise once again.

A race who has no conception or knowledge of its ancient history or
past will be in a stage of non-existence. We are the 21st century proud
race, reclaiming that which was ours from the beginning.

"As I embrace our ancient Mexicano sacred indigenous
spirituality into the present, I’m transformed by a passion I have only
heard in our past; now I feel it in my own Mexicano soul. I have been
given access to a great and profound secret. Now I know the suffering,
sadness, sorrow and sacrifices of my Mexicano ancestors, and it has
become my own."– Tezcatlipoca (R. Muñiz)

National, state, and local Hispanic /Latino civil rights
organizations must come forward and protect the rights of our people.
We cannot continue to deny ourselves. We are all the same. We are one,
and the sooner we are able to accept that, then we will be able to
liberate all our people. It is a national/international political
disgrace to view on television the American minutemen organizations are
now patrolling the borders of America.

Hispanic/Latino leaders cannot avoid this racist issue of having
American citizens, without duly authorized jurisdiction, hunting down
our people like animals. Latino and Hispanic leaders cannot continue to
turn their faces as if our people were
in the wrong to begin with. We as Mexicanos cannot permit for American
minutemen or any other vigilante group to hunt our people in the
wilderness. Latino/Hispanic organizations should
also protest to our Holy Land of Mexico in order that they respond to
the illegal actions of policing forces at the borders. It is late into
the night, but for the last couple of days my heart has
searched for words to share with my people.

In conclusion, I urge all newcomers and those who seek to relocate
in the Southwest to move to the state of Arizona. It is a strong
Republican, ultra conservative community. We must move into that state
before they structure walls all around us. Arizona should be our future!

There is no question in my mind that all our destinies as a race
will be fulfilled. The future shall be ours and we must prepare for it
not only intellectually, but most importantly
spiritually. We must not be impatient with ourselves during times of
conflict and differences. The time has come for us to step forward as a
proud race and let the world know that finally we will be a free raza
in this universe.

In exile,
Tezcatlipoca (R. Muñiz)

"We want only to show you something we have seen and
tell you something we have heard….that here and there in the world and
now and then in ourselves is a new spiritual Mexicano."–Tezcatlipoca

Note: Received via emai from Irma L. Muniz on May 25, 2005. Ramsey’s message is dated May 2.–gm

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