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NC State: Keep Both Race and Legacy

Back to my point. If you want an admissions process based merely on individual merit then

you can’t utilize a students lineage in the process. I say we maintain alumni legacy and race in our

admission practices at N.C. State. If not, well, you’ll be seeing a lot more white on campus.

[TechnicianOnline, NC-State, “Seeing white:
Legacy admissions are common at universities,” Andrew

Payne looks at its relation to campus diversity, Jan. 15, 2004]. On a side note, former N.C. State

vice provost James Anderson became Texas A&M’s first vice president of diversity. Texas A&M is a

predominately white male campus with little racial, ethnic and gender diversity. The university’s

undergraduate enrollment is 82 percent white, 9 percent Hispanic, 2 percent African-American and 3

percent Asian-American. The position was created by Texas A&M president Robert Gates to increase

minority enrollment and enhance the university’s image. In response to the new position, a

conservative student group sold cookies and other items at their “affirmative action bake sale” where

prices where based on the buyer’s skin color.[see citation


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