Nine No's for November: Maria Luisa Alvarado

Let’s review what happened when our state leaders met in Austin in 2005
to do the work that we elected them to do for us. After the regular
session and the added expense of two special sessions, they did not even
come close to solving the key issues facing Texas. After all was said
and done and facing the competing forces of political fallout and
constituent demands, the Texas legislature presented Texas voters with a
consolation prize of nine propositions on the November 8th ballot. Nine
of which not even one is related to the key issues facing
Texas. As Texas voters, we are faced with a government that has failed us,

I believe that Texas voters of all party affiliations see clearly now
the government waste produced by our state leaders wrapped in
ideological straight-jackets. The evidence lays in the sum of the accomplishments
of the past legislative session – nine propositions on the November 8th
ballot that do not address a single key issue facing Texas. I propose
that we take the opportunity to voice our discontent with our state
government leaders on November 8th by voting ‘No’ to all propositions on
the ballot. By voting ‘No’ to all propositions, we assert our right to
reject a government that does not serve the people. This is the boldest
statement every Texas voter can make this November.

–Excerpts from an email distributed by Alvarado for Texas Lt. Gov.

By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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