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Of God and Love in Lockdown: Notes from Prisoner Ramsey Muniz

Dear Friends:

It was just recently that Ramsey’s worst nightmare resurfaced. For reasons
beyond his control or involvement, he and many others experienced the ordeal of 2
weeks in “lockdown.” Through prayers and support, this condition has begun to change
back to a normal status. Below is correspondence received during time spent in harsh

“The more vital a people, the more individual and special their God.”


My Dearest Citlalmina:

We continue to be in lockdown status. The desire for food doesn’t faze me at
all. I do a lot of praying, reading, meditating, praying, and reading. I hope
not, but it seems we will be in lockdown for a while. Do not worry about me
for you know that this Mexicano spiritual warrior will travel into a world of
spirituality and nothing can defeat me there.

Please know that I will be writing everyday during this lockdown status just
to confirm that I’m alright. Besides, I love writing to you! I only ask that
you take good care of mom. She resides in my corazon and we have become


“We are in an era of spiritual/cultural consciousness. One cannot live
one’s life shut up in the ivory tower of one’s own fantasy.”



Only with the power of God and love of those who are in heaven do I survive
this oppressive means of life in the institution of cruel and unusual
punishment. In fact, It totally amazes me that instead of feeling lonely, sad
or weak, I have become a most powerful, profound Mexicano. You and especially
mom are constantly in my mind and corazon. I only ask that you take good care
of her, for my own mother, Hilda is right there with her, sharing her
strength, love, and spirituality. Together they can rule all of Aztlan!

Be strong, have faith in yourself! Many truly do not understand the true
meaning of the word faith!


“Just the constant realization that there exists something infinitely more
just and happy than I is enough to fill me with a limitless joy and pride,
whatever I may be and whatever I may have done.”

“We have been in a struggle of humanity for existence and justice for the
last five hundred years and it was my destiny to be a part of this



My dearest Citlalmina:

Confined in this 6×9 cell day and night without the movement of 6 steps either
way, pacing like a tiger, seeking the opening of the door one day soon. Yet
deep in my corazon and mind I know that I have experienced these moments and
times once before for 36 months. I came out knowing that God the Creator has a
purpose in my life because he took my heart, my soul and mind to the highest
mountain and said unto the world,” This is my son, Ramsey, and from the time
of his birth he was destined to bring love, harmony, justice, faith and
freedom to all humanity. Pray for him, for he will be the rising of the
spiritual consciousness of humanity who are oppressed in the world of today
and tomorrow.”

“We are dying while we are still alive. We are born dead, and moreover
we have long ceased to be the sons of living fathers; we become more and
content with our oppressive conditions. We are acquiring a taste for it,
but soon we shall invent and share a method of being born from an idea of


In order to know and understand who you truly are, you must know your history.
In the darkness and loneliness of these solitary confinements with little
light to read, I became a confined scholar of our cultural/spiritual/and
political history. In my heart, I now know that it is only a matter of time
when we as a people will begin to mark our place in the history of yesterday,
today, and tomorrow.

“The law of human existence consists of us always having something infinitely
great to worship. If we were deprived of this idea of infinite greatness, we
wouldn’t want to live and would die of despair.”


I’m unable to take credit for the rising and reuniting of nuestra linda
gente after 500 years of oppression, discrimination, injustices, and
confinement with chains and shackles on a cold body, but it is written since
August 13, 1521, when our last “Tlatoani,” Cuauhtemco, spoke to our
ancestors stating that we would rise once again. He too was confined and
chained by the oppressor.

It is officially written by American authorities that by the year 2030 we will
be half of the population in the United States of America. I knew the same in
the dungeons of America, reading our ancient Mexika writings where the same
was predicted. Now you know why in my heart and soul I’m free. Look at me —
my soul is free and no one will ever take that away from me — not chains,
shackles, or solitary confinement. I’m a free Mexicano! The time has come
for the world to know of our strength, courage, and refusal to give up this
struggle of ours!

“Where there is no love, there is no reason either.”

In exile,

By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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