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One Hour for Moms and Children in Hutto Jail

Email from Jay Johnson-Castro

A great Christmas Eve to y’all…

One last e-mail before I hit the road for [1400 Welch St.] Taylor, Texas …for the Christmas Eve Vigil…for the mom’s and especially the children that are imprisoned in the Hutto prison camp.
We’re grateful that folks like y’all are picking up on the travesty being committed on American soil just 35 miles from the Capitol of Texas.

We did the walk and held the first vigil just one week ago…and look at the momentum that grass roots America has made. With this vigil this Christmas Evening…we will fan the flames of American outrage against the fascism that has crept into this country of immigrants. We are exposing Chertoff & Company. We are exposing the immigration-corporation complex…in which children and their desperate mothers are imprisoned like hardened criminals.

I know it’s short notice…but if anyone can spare an hour…from 5p-to 6p…you would be able to share in the demise of the perverted mentality that would rejoicingly exploit children for obscene profits. One hour…plus travel time…and you can be back with your friends and families for a warm and cozy Christmas Eve. At least the children and their moms…the media…and especially Chertoff & Company will know that there are Americans who not only genuinely care…but will fight with the power of democracy and all of our freedoms of speech and press and assembly…until these immoral and criminal acts are fully exposed, the children and their moms are freed…and real justice stares the real criminals in the face.

If you can make it…please bring a candle…


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