Public Information Request for Troop Authorizations in Texas

To: Governor’s Office of Texas (3:58 pm)

Under provisions of the Texas Public Information Act, please provide a copy of the Governor’s authorization, announced in a press release of June 30, 2006, that “Perry authorized up to 2,300 Texas troops to support the mission [of Operation Jump Start].”

From: Governor’s Office of Texas (3:59 pm)

The MOU is posted on our website, attached to a June 2nd (or around then) news release. Let me know if you have trouble accessing it.

To: Governor’s Office of Texas (4:05 pm)

I can access the MOU, but it says nothing about 2,300 troops, so I am seeking the document that clarifies the troop level authorized by the Governor. Please provide the documentary evidence that “2,300 troops” have been authorized by the Governor.

June 2 Press Release from Gov. of Texas

June 23 Letter from Gov’s Office Regarding Records Request of June 8

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