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Ramsey Muniz on Felix Longoria and Destiny

Dear Friends:

We wish to express our gratitude to all supporters who continue
to be with us during these times. Ramsey is still at Three Rivers FCI,
and for now we do not ask for continued correspondence regarding his
transfer. A lot of letters have already been sent, and we feel that
too much correspondence can have a negative affect. If the need to
send correspondence arises, we will ask your assistance again.

In the enclosed letter written to Dr. Andres Guerrero, who has been
most active in our struggle, Ramsey compares his destiny to
that of Felix Longoria, who was denied his constitutional rights
in Three Rivers, Texas. Please distribute.

We wish all mothers — creators of life — a beautiful Mother’s Day.

–Irma Muniz



Dear Queto y Susana:

I pray that upon receipt of this letter I’m still here at
Three Rivers FCI. Before I share the truth of the entire
matter, please permit for me to present some historical events
pertaining to our raza:

1. During World War II, a brave honorable Mexicano by the
name of Felix Longoria gave his life for his county, the
United States of America, with such valor and honor.

2. When Felix Longoria’s body was returned to Three Rivers,
Texas for burial, the oppressive Anglos refused to have
him buried in the city’s burial plots.

3. A Mexicano by the name of Dr. Hector P. Garcia (who also
served in World War II), organized Mexicano veterans from
that war and protested in Three Rivers, Texas pertaining to
the issue of Felix Longoria’s burial. From this protest and
organizational move the American GI Forum, a national
organization, was founded.

4. Felix Longoria was finally buried with honors in the Arlington
burial plot in Washington, D.C.

5. My mother’s name was Hilda Longoria before she married my father,
Rudy G. Muniz. My three uncles, Herbert Longoria, Joseph Longoria,
and Arturo Longoria were all decorated soldiers of World War II.
We all resided in Corpus Christi, Texas but as a child I remember
visiting “la Longoria” family here in Three Rivers, Texas.
Yes, we were related.

6. Sixty or more years later, on December 11, 2006, I arrived
at the Three Rivers Federal Correctional Institution. Immediately
I encountered an Anglo staff member who related to me without
stating a word that as long as she is here, she would do everything
in her power to transfer me out. At the end of the conversation she
had me locked down in solitary confinement for five days. Later,
within the last two months, the staff member with the assistance of
the institution developed a false allegation that I was chronically
ill, and therefore could not stay here at the Three Rivers Federal
Correctional Institution.

7. I am not chronically ill. I am not sick, nor do I take any type
of medication. As you recall, I was trying to stay at the U.S. Medical
Center in Springfield, Missouri, but after a complete medical
examination by three medical doctors, they determined that I was in “perfect
health.” I was then transferred to the Florence United States
Penitentiary where you and I recreated history by meeting for the
first time.

8. I have formally requested that I be examined by an institutional
doctor and by a doctor from the outside community. The truth will be
revealed that I am not sick at all. In fact, they are the ones who
are sick in their minds and hearts.

Legally speaking, these racial and discriminatory practices and
violations are violating my civil and constitutional rights under
the U.S. Constitution. The Fifth Amendment (Due Process of Law),
the Eighth Amendment (Cruel and Unusual Punishment) and the
Fourteenth Amendment (Equal Protection of the Law). Are we not in
the 21st century or do we continue to permit oppression,
discrimination, and violation of one’s human rights?

Is this my destiny? To return to the same place where a Mexicano
by the last name of Longoria was denied his constitutional rights even
though he gave his life for his country and for me tonight as I share
these most powerful and spiritual words that come not from my heart
but from his heart.

Stay strong my spiritual brother. I foresee our future as most
powerful. Our time has come and some of us must continue to suffer.
I accept the truth that I was chosen. Give my respect, honor, and
love to the family. Take the time and write to the Congressional
Hispanic Caucus. The address is:

Joe Baca, Chair
Congressional Hispanic Caucus
1610 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
[Reminder: In the introductory note above, Irma Muniz requests that correspondence not be sent at this time.–gm]



[Ramsey Muniz]


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