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Ramsey Muniz: We Are Not Strangers to this Land

Dear Friends:

We must never cease the struggle for freedom.
In the enclosed writings, Ramsey Muniz shares his
knowledge and insight regarding the issue of immigration. Please distribute. — Irma L. Muniz

We Are Not Strangers to This Land

Even though I find myself confined in the
dungeons of America, I marvel at the spirituality
of liberation and justice that my Mexicano sisters
and brothers are seeking after so many generations
and years. As I witness the millions of nuestra
gente proudly marching with that glow in their faces,
demonstrating the love in their hearts, I clearly
recall the last words of our last Mexicano Emperor
– Huey Tlahtoani Kuauhtemoktzin – Cuauhtemoc:

“Now we mandate our children also not to forget
to transmit to their children how it will be, how
we will reunite, how we will rise again, how we
will reach out, and how we will fulfill the great
destiny of our race.”

America was taken by surprise as our sisters
and brothers marched in its streets. They were
surprised not only by the numbers, but by the
truthful statements echoed by our people.

Without question or doubt, the issue is one
of our people staying here in the United States.
However, we are also encountering a bigger,
spiritual issue at this time in history. We are
finally coming together as a race, as a people,
raza, gente in all Aztlan, in the United States,
and in our Holy Land of Mexico. For the longest
time in history the oppressor has made us think
that we are different. Some would argue that due
to the place of birth, whether in the
United States or the Holy Land of Mexico, we
are different. It is extremely sad that throughout
the long existence of our people we have looked
upon ourselves as different races. The oppressor’s
objective will forever be to divide the races
and ultimately conquer.

We must not be impatient with those who will
claim they are not Mexicanos, and that they never
will be. At the same time we must be patient with
our sisters and brothers from our Holy Land who
don’t understand why our people became Hispanic,
Latinos, Chicanos, and Mexican Americans. The
important thing is that the time has come for us
to come together as one once again. “Todos
somos uno” should be the theme of today, tomorrow,
and our future. If we can come together as one
race in the prisons of America, then there is no
question that we can accomplish the same in the
so-called free world of today.

We must never forget our Mexicano blood. The
Spanish invaders thought they subjugated our
flesh with whips and swords, the French with
guns and priests, but there is another separate
world beneath our feet, above our heads, and
dwelling in our Meixcano souls. From the beginning
our creation as a race / people / gente, we have
been one with the land of Aztlan. Even today in
the 21st century the spirits of our ancient gods
are everywhere. They are in every stone, every
bird in the trees, the grass, the maize on the
stalk, the water in the lakes, and the fish in
the streams.

Yes, the invaders conquered only
what the eye could see, not ever understanding
that from the time of our creation it was
prophesized that we would overcome all invaders
in our land, and we would rise once again. The
oppressor has never conquered our spirituality
and the power of our ancient cultura, which were
the foundations of our existence and recreation.
We are not strangers to this land in which they
refer to us as illegal aliens and/or immigrants.
We must never forget to continue teaching our
youth of today and tomorrow the truth of our
Mexicano history. We must share with the youth
that it is written in our ancient manuscripts
that one day we would return to the sacred place
of our creation/existence as a race — Aztlan,
“land that has risen.”

We as Mexicanos of the 21st century must
take a strong political stand against the
creation of a so-called “Berlin wall” separating
the borders. It is not about the war against
terrorists at this point. It is about keeping
our people out of the land which truthfully
cries out. America must remember that we did
not cross an ocean to arrive in what was first
called Aztlan by our ancestors. It is written
in our ancient prophecies that the land (Aztlan)
would call for us to return.

I never miss the national news, seeking
what it has to comment about the immigration
issue. Regardless of what the Republicans
and/or Democrats state about this most
profound issue, deep in my heart and mind I
know that at the end we shall overcome whatever
they decide to do with our people. We shall
overcome the rounding up of our people as if
we were animals. We shall overcome the
structure of a wall at the border. We shall
overcome the imprisonment of our sisters and
brothers because of immigration policies. We
shall overcome at the end because we are not
strangers of this land, which was ours at one
time. The land calls upon our hearts to return
and to rise once again. Truth which pertains
to the land is on our side and history has it
that truth shall win!!!

The entire world is in some sort of conflict.
Even in war, and if one studies the issues closely,
land becomes the reason for oppression, freedom,
imprisonment, justice, and humanity. It is our
duty and honor to support the efforts by our
sisters and brothers in seeking the spiritual,
cultural, and political right to reside in the
United States of America.

Even though I’m in this mode of darkness,
I sleep as if I were newly born, knowing that
the truth of our existence and creation has
enlightened the entire world. The world knows
that el Mexicano / Mexicana has risen with the
power of truth in his heart and mind.

What a time to be alive! Do we as
Mexicanos of our Sixth Sun dare to scale the
heights of heaven of Aztlan and our most sacred
Holy Land of Mexico? Que viva la raza!


“We want only to show you something
We have seen and tell you something
We have heard. That here and there
In the world and now and then in ourselves
Is a new spiritual/cultural Mexicano creation.”

In exile,

Ramsey Muniz – Tezcatlipoca


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