Reading IndyMedia on the Klan and Police

Baku writes at Austin IndyMedia: “Just in the past week we have seen resistance to a KKK meeting in Tomball, Texas. Austinites have been threatened by self-identifying Nazis. Last week, bricks were thrown at the windows of KPFT during a Latino literary radio program. And a few days ago, an unarmed Chicano youth was shot and killed by the Austin Police Department.”

* * *

Activists Take on Klan at Tomball

Houston IndyMedia

Protests of June 11 draw on diverse traditions: faith and reconciliation, Anti-Racist Action, and the New Black Panther Party.

* * *

Police Take on Activists at Tomball

Houston IndyMedia

how would u like to have your backpack held against your face and you cant move at all with a gun pointed at your knee ready to take you down if you do move?

* * *

Activists Take on Police in Austin

Austin IndyMedia

One witness on Austin IndyMedia video says the 18-year-old victim had dropped his belly to the street just prior to being shot in the back and killed. Protests continue Monday 5pm outside Austin Police Headquarters.

* * *

Activists Call on Police in Austin

Austin IndyMedia

The police confiscated the chains and arrested one of the Nazi’s for outstanding warrants. The other two were allowed to walk.

* * *

Activists Discourage Calling On Police

Austin IndyMedia

Maybe try acting as if the cops didn’t even exist.


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