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Rio Grande Valley Walk to Free the Huddled Masses, March 21 – 25

Friday, Saturday, Sunday iteneraries updated via March 22 email from Sarah Boone, who writes, “We appreciate your support and hope that this endeavor will help expedite hearings that will result in freedom for many mothers and children, who are unnecessarily incarcerated.”–gm

Hola amigos…

We the people of 21st America say…

“Give us these tired, these poor, these huddled masses yearning to breath free. The wretched refuse of our teaming shore. Let these, now, the homeless, tempest-tossed be free. We lift our lamps beside that golden door. Let America once again be the land of the free”.

The following is a schedule and update on the Bayview and Raymondville prison camp walk.

First day: Wednesday, March 21

9:00am Press conference.

University of Texas Brownsville
Jacob Brown Memorial Center
600 International Blvd

Hosts: Mayor Eddie Treviño, City of Brownsville
Commissioner Edward Camarillo, City Commission and UTB,

10:00am Commence walk to free the “Huddled Masses”

International Blvd to Paredes Line Rd (Rd. 1847)

Paredes Line Rd. to IES north of Los Fresons.

(IES is a prison facility for unaccompanied immigrant children and forerunner to Hutto) Get pdf from ABAnet

Vigil at Los Fresnos. Vigil for immigrant children

Second Day: Thursday, March 22

9:00am Meet in front of IES immigrant children’s prison. Commence walk … North on Paredes Line Rd (1847) to Road 510 … East on 510 to Buena Vista Rd. … North to Port Isabel-Cameron County Airport and the Bayview prison camp.

Vigil for immigrant mothers from Massachusetts and all immigrants seeking freedom

Third Day: Friday, March 23

9:00am Jay will leave the intersection of 510 and 1847 in the morning and walk west into San Benito where he will take the 77 business route to Harlingen and end the day at Ed Carey Road.

Fourth Day:Saturday, March 24

9:00am On Saturday morning, he will leave from the Texas Travel Information Center at 2021 W. Harrison in Harlingen and proceed to north on 77 to Sebastian.

Fifth Day: Sunday, March 25

9:00am The Sunday walk will begin in Sebastian and end at 1 p.m. at the Raymondville Tent Camp at 1800 Industrial Park Drive in Raymondville. A vigil will be held at that time.

1:00pm Vigil for refugees and victims of for-profit prisons.

Watch Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzales interview Jodi Goodwin, immigration attorney for immigrants at Los Fresnos, Bayview and Raymondville.

Even though you might be hundreds or thousands of miles away…perhaps on another continent … please feel free to share this information. Share it with any and all friends, defenders and champions of liberty. Share this with the media, organizations and anyone that are striving to see humans not treated inhumanely as in these prison camps. Anyone that you feel would like to be aware of our American grass roots outrage, protest and dissention over 21st Century slavery and concentration camps. We the people are taking the offensive against this inhumane and immoral treatment of desperate fellow humans whose only crime is to want to live … and live the American dream.

From our hearts we echo the words of Liberty that drew our forefathers here. As we grew up in the land of the free…we did not know that the elitists of our country would convert our country into an international mockery of human and children’s rights…a place where the price of freedom was controlled by criminal minds who would enslave others…in our era…in for-profit prisons.

We the people say to Congress, Chertoff and ICE. You have lost all semblance of a conscience. Cease to betray the fundamentals of America . Free these people. Now!!!


P.S. If you can join us on this important and historical walk…if only for a mile…it would be an honor to walk with you. You have about 75 miles over five days to choose from. On this walk…I will be accessible only on my cell phone. (830)734-8636.

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