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Status of Ramsey Muniz

Dear Friends:

Ramsey’s doctor has stated several times that
he does not know how he is alive. He made these
comments after receiving reports of the procedures
and surgery that Ramsey underwent prior to being
transferred to the U.S. Medical Center in Springfield,

Ramsey is feeling better and he continues to
improve daily. He has gained approximately 2 pounds, and under the circumstances this is tremendous improvement. Based on reports recently received (and
letters of support) doctors at the U.S. Medical Center
for Federal Prisoners have decided to begin
administering antibiotics once again. They had been
reduced, but X-rays show some bacteria around his lungs.
This might explain Ramsey’s running out of breath while

This weekend I will be send thank you letters to
Senator John Cornyn and Congressman Solomon Ortiz for
their support during our desperate time of need for
medical attention.

Ramsey will probably remain at the U.S. Medical
Center for Federal Prisoners for the next 3-4 weeks,
as his serious condition has been acknowledged by
medical staff. This is good news because he will
receive better are while at the facility.

I must share, though not in detail, that my
husband had a very unique near death experience after
arriving at Springfield. What I will share are the
words that he spoke when I first saw him in
Springfield. He was most emotional from the experience
experienced while awake when he said, "Me levanto Dios."
While he is weak and regaining his strength, Ramsey is
spiritually stronger. His experiences have given him this
renewed strength.

I had a mentor throughout the ordeal that I suffered
for over three weeks. She is an old friend of Ramsey’s
and a former nurse. I would not have survived the
trauma of keeping Ramsey alive without Lovelia Perez,
who I love dearly. Ironically enough, Lovelia now faces
a sudden serious and painful medical condition, and
I ask that everyone pray for her healing. She is such
a special loving person who needs prayers at the
present time. I ask this of all our close friends.

In the future I will be send new writings
from Ramsey. In the meantime, please ask that God
grant him and his friend, Lovelia restored health.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support.

Irma Muniz
Oct. 20, 2005

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