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Suleimans Face Deportation with 4-year-old Citizen Daughters

Email from Riad Hamad, Jan. 23, 2007. Materials about the Suleimans have been archived here at the Texas Civil Rights Review.

Adel Suleiman was born in a refugee camp, and the USA will return him to refugee status in Jordan, along with his spouse and twin daughters. He is not fighting the deportation, because he finds it preferable to the jail torture that he has been experiencing since his abduction Nov. 2 by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). With deep sadness we ask, will Texas media NEVER mention this family’s name?
Racism is the plain and simple explanation for this family’s treatment at the hands of USA authorities and for the lack of care demonstrated by paid professionals in the media establishment. Media resources can always be found to tell stories about Ted Nugent’s attire. Yet, while pundits fret about confederate flag symbolism, the practical confederacy lives on. Shame, shame, shame.–gm

Dear friends,

As you know Palestine Children’s Welfare Fund has been assisting the Palestinian families in the Hutto detention center through the payment of some of their legal fees, meals in the center and phone cards. We just received a phone call from one of the families advising us that the immigration authorities just informed them that they will be deported to Jordan on Monday.

The family of Adel Suleiman and Asma Qadoura will leave the United States on Monday via Dallas and their young twin girls ages 4 will accompany them. Both girls are United States citizens and were staying with their aunt in Irving pending the end of this nightmare that started November 3rd, 2006.

PCWF contributed to the legal fees incurred by their competent and compassionate lawyer, Mr. John Wheat Gibons and will be paying for the airline tickets of the two children who will have to leave with their parents next week.

PCWF would like to encourage you to contribute to the purchase of the airlines tickets of these two children to avoid separating them from their famiy. You can send your contribution to the address listed on the bottom of this email or you can donate online and specify that you want the money to go towards the Palestinian families in Hutto.

Additionally, PCWF will continue to provide support for the remaining two families till their legal cases are resolved. We are aware that the Ibrahim family can not leave the United States yet since the Isreali and the Jordanian governments refused to accept them or allow them to go back. You will receive more information as it becomes available and will try to update you about their status promptly. We will also be glad to provide you with the contact information for the families if you wish to help them directly if you have any doubts regarding the destination of your donation

Looking forward to hearing from you and THANKS again for your generosity, work and support for the children in Palestine.

Riad Hamad,, Palestine Children’s Welfare Fund. 201 W. Stassney # 201, Austin, Texas 78745

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