The New Model of Border Assessment is . . .

. . . the Strategic Resource Assessment (SRA). The SRA combines statistics on workload, facility and stakeholders, identifies current and future needs, and outlines short and long-term facility project needs prioritized across the national portfolio. Two pilot region-sites have been completed, Buffalo NY and Tucson AZ. The reports for these sites are under development, but they will establish key trends/facts and priorities.

The next SRA for the San Diego region is underway. CBP is requesting input from SCT and INDAABIN in this area and is scheduling another site visit to gather this information. The schedule for the other regions has been established, with El Paso to be completed in December 2005, and Laredo in September 2005. Source: JWC Meeting Minutes; Las Cruces, New Mexico;
May 24-25, 2005. USDTransportation, Federal Highway Administration, JWC U.S./Mexico Border Transportation Planning.

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