There is a Super-Highway to Peace

But we ain’t on it. Texas earned three mentions Friday from Frida Berrigan as she briefed Amy Goodman on the role of the USA in supplying Israeli weapons.

Texas gets attention from Berrigan as the location where Lockheed-Martin co-manufactures the Sufa F-16 fighter, a double-seated holy terror of incoming air attacks.
Lockheed Martin does the finishing work on these 45-million-dollar weapons after they are started in Israel. The contract to build 102 Sufas will be financed by taxpayers of the USA. When the Sufas are completed, Israel will have a stock of 362 F-16s, second largest only to the US Air Force.

Boeing and Raytheon also make Berrigan’s list of arms suppliers to Israel. Both companies make missiles. Boeing, as we know, also makes planes and helicopters.

When Berrigan mentions these big names in weaponry, she hits three of the five finalists for the huge SBInet border contract that is scheduled to be let in the Fall of 2006. Is it not deeply chilling to think that these powers are competing for security along the Rio Grande?

I think we have to dissent while there is still time. We should seek to grow better things than these in the name of homeland security.

Rahul Mahajan, the former Green Party candidate for Governor, had courage enough to campaign for a de-militarized Texas.

“Homeland Security is part of a pre-planned program for domestic repression, occasioned, among other things, by fear of the possibilities of the so-called anti-globalization movement,” said that former candidate for Governor.

We now have quite a spectacle of candidates we’ll be hearing from lots and loudly. By comparison to Mahajan, ain’t they all whistlin’ Dixie?

By mopress

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