There she Goes again, that Unreasonable Woman!

The history — oops, I mean the HERstory — of Texas blogging just got a new pair of boots, with today’s debut of Diane Wilson’s blog, Diane4justice, at

Her debut post, not counting “Hello World” on June 15, was a June 19th (yes Juneteenth) report on her mischief up at the offices of the Indian Consulate in Houston.

Her diplomatic mission was to raise up the need for more governmental attention to the surviving community of the Bhopal chemical disaster caused by Diane’s hometown nemesis Uni*n Carbide.

The Consul agreed to meet with Diane, and he explained to her how there were “constraints.” To which our “Unreasonable Woman” responds:

Everybody knew the constraints. The whole world knew. its like a big fat elephant in a small room and nobody wants to talk about the elephant. Goes something like this (this is my thinking, here) the corporate world and the US government does not care to have corporate killings and environmental mayhem took to task in another country. They’re thinking, Hey we brought our company down here. Now give us a free license to do what we will. That way all involved will make a profit. Oh well, not the poor and not the disfranchised. No! The important people! Besides if Uni*n Carbide and Dow are brought to task for this horrendous crime, doesn’t that mean that other foreign corporations that create a mess will be brought to task?? Well, that wouldn’t do! That would set a precedent!

Here’s the link, grrrlfriend. What the heck do you suppose she’ll do next? Now we get the double thrill of following her thinking, too! –gm

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