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Three Cheers from Jay Johnson-Castro

Hola y’all…

Here’s the most recent news links about the imprisonment of children in the Hutto jail in Taylor , Texas …

I’d like to commend all three of the following. The Editorial Board of the Austin Statesman didn’t pussy foot around with this issue. Greg Moses of the Texas Civil Rights Review seized detailed specifics from immigration attorney, John Gibson, and laid it out very succinctly for us. Daniel Lai of the local paper in Taylor didn’t water anything down in his report. Here goes…
From the Editorial Board of the Austin American Statesman.


From Greg Moses (digging deeper):

From Daniel Lai of the local paper right in Taylor :

Keep the fire against imprisonment of innocent children and refugees…by Chertoff and Company…ablaze.

Shame on ICE…for bringing its Gulag onto American soil…and right here in Texas …in the shadows of the State Capitol…

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P.S. The attached pic shows the razor wire prison walls… jjj

[See photo on right sidebar–gm]

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