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Time for a Collapse: Renewed Appeal for Marcha Migrante II

email from Jay J. Johnson-Castro, Jan. 17, 2007. To see the updated schedule, click the link at the top of our home page.–gm

Afternoon amigos…

Please see the attached Border Caravan itinerary…

The imprisonment of women and children in Texas , building a border wall, death along the border of Americans and refugees are all connected. Therefore, all of you that are interested in one or more of the above are receiving the attached Marcha Migrante-Border Caravan schedule. We will be featuring all of these things on issues during our 5000 mile caravan from February 2-18.
We’re also sending out an appeal to all Snowbirds and Winter Texans who flock to the US-Mexico border to join us in advocating the great culture that exists here like no where else in the world.

A special appeal goes out to all ethnic groups, all races, all socio-economic groups, all political and religious groups…to support this Marcha Migrante II and the Border Caravan. Especially, we’d like to see solidarity form between Latin American and Arab American groups and organizations. In the last few years, these are the two groups that are being specifically targeted in our country. One group as illegal immigrants draining our country. The other group as potential terror cells in America.

Finally…an appeal to the media. In the Rio Grande Valley, the local media has been exceptional. Virtually every newspaper, TV and radio station covered the opposition to the Border Wall. Regarding the imprisonment of the women and children at the Hutto prison camp in Taylor , Texas …again, the local media was exemplary. Especially, BBC (Spanish), Univision, Azteca, Televisa and Notimex have all done a marvelous job of covering the real grass roots opposition to the Federal policies that are an assault on poor Latin Americans, Middle Easterners and any poor refugee fleeing to our land of Liberty…just like our predecessors did.

However, the national media, seem to care less about the truth and the facts then they do about TV entertainment ratings. Most of us realize that they have been complicit with the ruling class. They have been the mouth pieces to foster the obscene idea of building border walls and have done nothing to expose the prisons that would treat refugee women and innocent children as criminals. They have evidently not found it financially to their benefit to inform the public about our massive grass roots opposition to the border wall and the prison camps. That makes them accomplices to national misinformation. Nonetheless, they will hear our voices. They are hearing our voices. They are not reporting our voices. But soon…they will be forced to report on our outrage.

We therefore appeal to all you local and grass roots media, whether TV, radio talk shows, newspapers or Blogs. Please keep up the exemplary dissemination of the facts to our fellow grass roots citizens. Also, please keep them informed about what their fellow grass roots are doing.

Juan Castillo, as well as the Editorial Board, of the Austin American Statesman has set the stage of local coverage about the Hutto prison camp. The online news source on the Texas-Mexico border, the Rio Grande Guardian ( ) has the most up to date border related information, including how the Texas Legislature deals with border issues. From the get-go the has the most current information posted on virtually every aspect and detail of the Hutto prison camp issues. That includes the plight and imprisonment of the [three] Palestinian families that resided in Dallas…. The Palestinian mothers and their children are also imprisoned at Hutto prison camp in Taylor , TX .

It’s not the color, ethnicity, religion, politics or net worth or social standing of the immigrant that poses the threat to this country. It might be the color, ethnicity, religion, politics and net worth and social standing of those within our government who propagate anti-immigrant fear that is the source of our national problems…be it terrorism or immigration. These issues are not one in the same. However, the likes of Chertoff and the ICE Company seem to superimpose and promote that the immigration problems and terrorism are one in the same…and they use the media to sell that on the public. That has to come to an abrupt halt.

Fortunately, although it has been a supremacist minority group that has been in power…both national and international. That group no longer dominates Washington, D.C or the international community. Change is on the horizon. We just need to make sure that those who just now won by default on Nov. 7…understand clearly that they did not win because they exuded with national leadership. Yet they do have a clear mandate. That mandate would be to erase/delete the fear mongering, border and immigrant bashing from the national agenda…along with the bigotry of their predecessors.

With the power of our minds…intelligence and reason…along with the passion and conviction that exists in our hearts…no bigoted power can prevail. Do we not have enough examples of how to make the right changes? Gandhi of India . Martin Luther King, Jr. of the US . Mandela of South Africa . British rule in India collapsed. Racial segregation in the US collapsed. Apartheid in South Africa collapsed.

And how about the one who stood up to religious bigotry and the Roman Empire ? The Middle Easterner known as…Jesus of Nazareth.

It’s time for another collapse to occur. With synergy, networking and partnership…of all colors, ethnicities, religious, political and socio-economic groups…we will put an end to the maligned and demented policies that have corrupted our American culture by the controlling supremacist racist minority.


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