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Welcome to Texas All you Presidential Candidates

By Greg Moses

And while we’ve got your attention, please see if you can help with any of the suffering that federal actions are causing here.

In the matters of the Ibrahim family, Rrustem Neza, Ramsey Muniz, and the Suleiman Twins we could use less crackdown and more humanity from the federal face of power. In these four cases, immediate federal relief is possible and therefore necessary.

What sort of nation provides prisons as solutions to immigration? The T. Don Hutto prison for mothers and children is a mean-spirited sign of the times. We think you should all go there, and we think you should all issue statements that the facility is offensive to your conscience. Agencies created in Washington have not only conjured the prison, but have refused to let UN inspectors onto the premises.

The Rolling Plains prison of Haskell and the human warehouses of Raymondville are two other examples of the prison state you are funding here. Go smell what you are doing.

While many of you have been working in Washington, we’ve been worn thin by your contradictory border policies which legalize all manner of movement for commodities and profits while criminalizing migrant workers whose lives have been uprooted. And today, as you speedily enable even faster velocities of trade across the border, your federal agents intensify their maddening contradictions by taking land to build a more people-impervious wall between families and neighbors.

We can see why it makes sense from a party planning standpoint that Texas issues were scheduled to be addressed at a time in the primary cycle when the races might be winding down. But history is exhibiting its creative talent for truth, and therefore, in order to become President you must first wade right into the policy mess of Texas and tell us how you are going to bring some clarity of mind, some justice, some leadership.

Before primary election day, here is what you can do: stop the wall, shut down Hutto, and stop hurting the Ibrahim family, Rrustem Neza, the Suleiman twins, and Ramsey Muniz. With these accomplishments on the record, we could be assured that you are competing for something more important than a popularity contest in Texas; you could actually change history.

Good luck to you all. May justice be the cause of your success.

Note: Previously posted in the announcements section of the Texas Civil Rights Review.

By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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