Where the Asylum Seekers Come From

Email from Riad Hamad

Dear Friends,

Palestine Children’s Welfare Fund is pleased to announce that our volunteers and friends in Palestine have been able to send us several videos from Palestine showing the joy and pain of living in Palestine under the occupation. Please click on the link below
and walk the streets of the city of Hebron, the city under siege due to the presence of more than 500 Zionist settlers. You can also see the images of a Palestinian farmer tilling the land to feed his family and keep the ancient Palestinian tradition and connection to the land.

Our friends in Beitlehm sent the images of the Church of Nativity and the Manger Square, surrounded by the apartheid wall and deprived of their basic human rights to live with dignity, to work and share their homes and lives with the rest of humanity.

The children of Gaza celebrated Mother’s Day two weeks ago and enjoyed gifts and meals provided by PCWF to give them hope and a sense of pride in a world that forgot them and abandoned them long time ago. Please take few minutes and see several pieces of artwork made by the prisoners in the Israeli jail submitted by our friends from Alfaraa who collected the images from an event held in Alfaraa refugee camp last month.

The Israeli soldiers provided us with ample images of their brutality in Bi’ilin that you can see under the section. You can also bookmark the page and you come back every few days to see more videos and more crimes documented till the conscience of the world wakes up and the Israeli government and its armed forces are put on trial for war crimes.

We hope that you will spend some time viewing the videos, learning about Palestine, sharing the stories and the videos with your friends and ask them to support the children and the farmers in Palestine. If you have given up on Palestine and the Palestinians, the videos and the stories on the website will tell you lout clear, that the heroes inside Palestine are ready and willing to continue the struggle.

THANKS for your patience, work and support

Riad Elsolh Hamad,
Palestine Children’s Welfare Fund

Palestine Children’s Welfare Fund. 201 W. Stassney # 201, Austin, Texas 78745 Support the children of Palestine by buying Palestinian arts and crafts. Sustain the Palestinian economy and provide jobs for the men, women and farmers in Palestine to live with pride and dignity TILL WE RETURN.

By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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